Halal Boneless Buffalo Meat



We are engaged in trading, distributing, exporting and supplying excellent quality Halal Frozen Boneless Beef/Buffalo Meat in Turkey, Brazil and South Africa Maharashtra, India. We Have All Parts Available For Sales At Affordable Prices:
Shin Shank, Thick Flank, Knuckle, Forequarter FQ cuts (Neck Chuck Tender Shoulder Brisket Shin) Hindquarter HQ cuts, Compensated. Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat –
We offer frozen boneless buffalo meat that is as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. Our range is offered at the market leading prices and is appreciated by our clients. These are packed in various configurations that are as follows:
Compensated buffalo: This range is available as 60% fore-quarters and 40% hind-quarters that are packed in 90VL, 95VL and 98VL packaging.
Fore quarters: These are available in 5Kg.x 4rolls in 20Kg. MC/Packing in FQ or separate FQ muscles and are packed in 90VL, 95VL and 98VL packaging.


Halal Boneless Buffalo Meat

Type: Beef
Style: Frozen
Freezing Process: BQF
Feature: Low-Fat, Nutritious, Vitamins
Packaging: Bag
Part: Bone
Storage Type: 18 Degree
Name: Halal Frozen Beef


  1. 98% VL Boneless Halal Buffalo Meat
    98% VL Boneless Halal Buffalo Meat

    Desc :

    We at Al Meezan & Reliable Enterprises & Cold Storage, take the pleasure in providing you with superior quality of 98% VL Boneless Halal Buffalo Meat. This variety of boneless buffalo meat is scrumptious and extremely nourishing for health. Customers can be eased with the affordable prices of the products.


    Halal Frozen Beed Meat

    Type: Beef
    Style: Frozen
    Freezing Process: BQF
    Feature: Effective, GM Food, Low-Crab, Low-Fat, Low-Salt, Vitamins
    Packaging: Bulk
    Part: Body
    Storage Type: Cold Store
    Name: Halal Beef Meat


We are the exporters of frozen buffalo meat, halal buffalo meat, boneless and skinless buffalo meat. We supply hygienic fresh quality well frozen buffalo meat. The de-boned and de-glanded meat is packed in Food Grade Polythene and then in sea worthy Cartons of different weight as per buyer’s specifications.Health Benefits

  • It contains 25 to 30% proteins.
  • Health Buffalo meat offered by us is extremely healthy and does not shrink.
  • Buffalo buffalo processed by us helps in lowering the cholesterol level up to 45%.
Organic Buffalo Meat
We are wholesale supplier and exporter of organic buffalo meat, frozen halal meat, buffalo meat, frozen buffalo meat and halal buffalo meat.We provide our customers the best and most hygienic halal meat products that are unparalleled in terms of quality safety through quality control lab that empowers us to produce high quality halal frozen boneless buffalo meat.

Halal Buffalo Meat
It is strictly carried out by Islamic Shariyath Procedures and is supervised by representative of Jamiath-Ulama-I-Hind, who issues certificate to that effect.
We deliver unsurpassed quality through superior processing and hygienic packing.

Primal Cuts (Compensated Meat) can be categorised as under :

  • Hind Quarter Cuts
  • Fore Quarter Cuts


Health Benefits : Hind Quarter cuts are excellent source for vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, B12 and selenium.

  • Topside : We offer the topside buffalo meat from the muscle of the inside leg with highest quality of animal fat . It is most suitable to slow fry and can be roasted as boneless joint.
  • Silver Side: Silverside supplied by us is cut from the muscle outside the thigh and buttock. Silverside can be roasted and has low cholesterol.
  • Rump Steak: Rump Steak offered by us is used for making kebabs.
    It can also be grilled.
  • Strip Lion :Strip lion also known as the shell lion. supplied by us is rich in protein and has a superior flavor. They make healthy and perfect steaks.


We offer well frozen fore quarter cuts that are graded according to their visual lean and are of hygienic fresh quality.Health Benefits : Fore quarter cuts are excellent source of vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, B12 and selenium.

  • Chucks : Chucks also known as square cut chunks are cut between the 5th and 6th rib plate, briskets and shank. Chunks offered by us are low in calorie, cholesterol but are rich source of iron.
  • Brisket : Brisket is the straight cut passing between the 5th and 6th rib by a right angle to the chunk.
  • Neck : Neck supplied by us have long shell life and is one of the fine part of meat. It is seperated from from blade, cross rib and shoulder and contains large amount of fat.
  • Shin : Shin is one of the economical buffalo meat offered by us. It is ideal for making the stews and casseroles.