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Fresh Lychee

Product Type: Other
Style: Fresh
Type: Lichee,Fresh
Cultivation Type: Common
Grade: A
Weight (kg): 6

Fresh Lychee
Geberal shapes: Oval
Flavor: Slightly sour
Size: Minimum 3cm
Season: May-June


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Product Type: Pome Fruit
Type: Pear
Style: Fresh
Variety: Pear
Cultivation Type: Common
Maturity: 95%
Grade: A
Weight (kg): 0.225
Brand Name: Longyuan

Cavendish Banana

Product Type: Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit
Type: Banana
Style: Fresh
Variety: Cavendish Banana
Cultivation Type: vietgap
Color: Green
Maturity: 9 weeks
Grade: A
Weight (kg): 13


Style: Frozen
Type: Strawberry
Shape: Ball
Freezing Process: IQF
Preservation Process: IQF
Cultivation Type: Common
Packaging: Bulk
Shelf Life: 18months
Weight (kg): 10
Color: RED
Variety: Honey, All star, American no.3,American no.6, American no.13,Camarossa
Product: Frozen Wild Strawberry


1.Our products are  popular in North America, South America, the EU, Southeast Asia and other regions.
2.Our products have passed  ISO/HACCP ,KOSHER, SKS qualified and so on,We have own test centre,
where we can do various inspections to ensure the best quality. With a professional QC team, we can exercise a
close supervision over the whole procedure of production under customer’s requirements.

1. Name: fresh gala/Fuji/Golden Delicious/Red Chief apple
2. Available colors:Red/yellow/green
3. Specification: 32, 36, 40, 44, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 113, 125, 136, 150, 163, 175 diameter:6.5-7.5cm, 7.5-8.0cm, 8.0-8.5cm, 8.5cm and up
the average weight of Golden Delicious is 180-300grams,maximum weight of up to 400grams or more.
4. Variety: first class: color ration 80% and up,no fleck,no sun burining, no bruising,no puncture or cut second class:coloration:70% third class:coloration 60%

Fuji apple
Packing: 24,28,32,36,40,44,50,56 pieces / 9kg or10kg carton
64,72,80,88,100,113,125,138,150,163,175 pieces / 18kg or 20kg carton
Inner packing : with tray , and wrapped foam net
Origin: EU
Supply period: from Oct to next Aug
In-transit temperature: 1℃,Moisture: 85%,Vent: 15CBM/H

Red delicious apple 
Packing: 32,36,40,44,50,56 pieces in 10kg carton
80,88,100,113,125,138,150,163,175 pieces / 18kg or 20kg carton
Origin: EU
Supply period: from Sep to next Mar

Gala apple
Packing: 32,36,40,44,50,56 pieces in 10kg carton
88,100,113,125,138,150 pieces / 18kg or 20kg carton
Origin: EU
Supply period: from Aug to Oct

Golden delicious apple 
Packing: 24,28,32,36,40,44,50,56 pieces / 9kg or 10kg carton

64,72,80,88,100,113,125,138,150,163,175 pieces / 18kg or 20kg carton


Specification : FRESH AVOCADO
Grade : A
Size : 3 item/kg ~ 300 to 350 g / 4 item/kg ~ 240 to 260 g
Colour : green
Variety : fuerte
Protein : 2.1%
Minerals : 1.32%
Fat: : 26%
Cultivation type :common
Packing : 5 kg in corrugated carton as buyer’s request


– Premium Class A 18 kgs pack
– 12-18 clusters
– Sound and Plump
– Free from any disease
– Skin Clear
– Fingers Minimum 7.5 (L) x 1.3 (W)
– 105-115 fingers per 18.14 kgs/box
– Each hand of banana without stem and be washed clean
– Fresh Banana shall be Green 97% min and Yellow 3% max
– Not matured. Not stored or transmitted together with yellow bananas
– Min10 weeks Max.14weeks old fruits
– Min 38 – Max 49 calibre/finger


Dark red color, juicy, sweet
Starting May 15 upto July
22-24mm, 24-26mm, 26-28mm, +28mm

Product : Fresh Cherry – Dark red color, juicy, sweet. Sort – Volovoy Serdsa, Revershon. (Similar to Napoleon)
Season : Starting May 15 upto July
Calibration :22-24mm, 24-26mm, 26-28mm, +28mm

1- 5 kg Carton package, Bulk Cherry packed in MAP bags.
2- 500gr Punnet, 10 packages per box. 5kg net per box. Supermarket friendly
3- 7 kg Plastic package. Bulk Cherry packed in MAP bags. Fit for Russian and Former CIS Countries Markets.

1- 88 boxes per pallet, 440 kg net. (Bulk Box)
2- 64 boxes per pallet, 320 kg net. (Punnets)
3- Shipped by trucks, minimum of 18.000kg per truck shipment. Fit for delivery to destinations up to 10 days of trucking distance
The Fresh Cherry is Hydro-cooled and cold-chain is maintained throughout the process until


Variety: Mandarine.
Size: 30, 36, 42, 48, 54.
5 Kg open top box.
Container 40 ft takes 18 TON.
Quality Standard: Products meet or exceed the international standard and Europe standard class 1.

-The Company also obtained ISO 22000 certificates.
-The farms the whole company holds a GLOBAL GAP.
-The packing station certificate BRC.


Colour – Golden Brown
Weight – 550 gms and Above
Size – 13 inches and above
Shelf Life – 6 months

Product Specification:
1 Product Type Well Matured
2 Weight 550gms and above
3 Color Golden Brown
4 Oil Content 60 to 63% min
5 Size 13 inches and above
6 Packing 25 pieces per bag and also as per buyer’s requirement
7 Total loadability of bags 1600 bags in 40ft container
8 No. of pieces loadable 40000 pieces.


Product Types
1. Fresh Fruits
2. Vegetables

Fresh Fruits-Grapes
• Excellent quality Prime seedless grapes

Product Specifications:
Style Fresh
Type Grape
Variety Seedless Grape
Color Green
Cultivation Type Common
Maturity Full
Size (cm) Regular / Large / Extra Large
Grade Eu1
Weight (kg) 4.5
Brand Name Various
Taste Sweet
Minimum Order Quantity 40ft Reefer Containers
Packaging Details 4.5 kg per carton(180 cartons per pallet,3600 cartons per 40ft hc reefer container)
Delivery Time Available for immediate shipment


Fresh Kesar Mango
Packed in 5/10/15kg Box or As per user requirement
Variety: kesar mango
Taste: Sweet
Colour: Green
Size: 200-300 gm
WE can however supply others like HADEN,ALPHONSO etc…


Product: Water Melon
Color: Dark/Light Green
Free from Damage, Cracks and Soft Patches
Red Flesh
Weight: 2 -10 Kgs. But 3 – 8 Kgs/Fruit Preferred


High Quality Indian Pine Apples
Weight : 900gms each appx

Product Description:
Fresh Pine apple from farm and ready to eat category

Packaging & Shipping:
High Quality packing with suffucient air gaps in the box


Product name: Fresh Carrot, Orange and Red Carrot
Advantage: 1) close carrot pulp, sweet taste, Rich nutrition, Vitamin C and the B race Vitamin.
2) no bud, no rotten, no mouldy, no irregular shape, no pesticide residue, no pest, no broken ones
Supply period All year round For Frozen. May to next February for fresh.
Harvest time In July
Supply capacity 10000 MT/Year
Size: 75g-150g (S) , 150g-200g (M) , 200g -250g (L) , 250g-300g (2L) , 300g-350g (3L)
Packing: 1. 10kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn

2. According to client’s requirements
Transport 25-28 mt in 40ft container, 15-16 mt in 20ft container
Cold storage temperature 0°C~1°C
Payment term: T/T
Price term: CIF
Delivery time: Within one week after deposit to our company account
Shipment port: To be Advised Major market: America,European,Australi a,Canada etc.


Size: 80, 88, 100, 105, 113, 125, 138, 165.

Size: 80, 88,100,105,113,125,138,165.

Packing Available:
Net weight 15 KG / Gross weight 16 KG
Net weight 8 KG / Gross weight 8.775 KG

Container capacity:
Tons per container: 24 Tons.
Pallets per container: 20 pallets.

Quality Standard: Products meet or exceed the international standard and Euro standard class 1.
The Company also obtained ISO 22000 certificates.


Navel Orange: 
44 , 48 , 56 , 64 , 72 , 80 , 88 , 100 , 105 , 113 , 125

Valencia Orange:
48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 105, 113, 125

Baladi Orange: 
56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 105, 113, 125

Packing available:
Net Weight 15 kg / Gross Weight 16 kg
Net Weight 8 kg / Gross Weight 8.775 kg

Container Capacity: 
Tons per container: 24 Tons.
Palets per container: 20 Palets
Cartons per container: 1600 Carton /15 KG , 3000 Cartons/ 8 KG
Cartons per palet: 80 Carton / 15 kg, 150 Cartons / 8 Kg
Pallet grosses Weight: 1200 KG

Quality standard: products meet and exceed the international standard and EU standard class 1